Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fact a Day #116- Freedom of Information Day

Today I got a classic day fact for you, but this day is a bit of a special one. You may want to take a look at this one. Anyway, hope you enjoy. BTW I decided that from now on I'll actually mention the fact that I'm writing for about in the heading. That way people won'y be annoyed



What exactly is Freedom of Information Day?

The article sourced below found on the kokomotribune states this :

The observance began as National Freedom of Information Day, originally held on March 16, the birth date of James Madison, the man generally regarded as the father of the U.S. Constitution and author of the First Amendment.

In simple terms, freedom of information is the right to know what your government is doing — how it spends your tax dollars, how it creates and implements policy, how it makes decisions that affect you. Source

In the United States, Freedom of Information Day is celebrated on or near the March 16 birthday of James Madison, considered the "Founding Father of Freedom of Information," as part of what during recent years has become known as "Sunshine Week." This program is the seventh annual celebration of Freedom of Information Day held by the law school's Collaboration on Government Secrecy and this year it extends Sunshine Week among related activities by media and public interest groups. Leading experts will discuss matters of current importance to the openness-in-government community, including in a "legislative outlook" session featuring key congressional staff from all corners of Capitol Hill.


So overall I guess you guys know something or the rather about "Freedom of Information Day." If you still want to find more just type a search query on Google "freedom of information day" and your bound to end up with something. 

So again, hope you enjoyed, but what matters most to me is if you learnt something new, because that's my goal in this blog. I'll post something else whenever I can. Next week is exams so the possibility is less of me posting, but you can bet I'll try. Until next time. See ya!



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