About Me

My name is Nushan Hewage. I'm a random teenager with a decent lifestyle. I'm still a student and you could call me an avid web surfer. I love surfing the web and finding new things. There are so many things we can learn out there. The whole web is just teeming with new and unimaginable things. I just try to take in whatever I can and whatever comes my way.

So I'm content with what I can learn. I love reading, poetry, PC gaming, online gaming and pretty much anything that I can do with a PC. Also I love learning to code/programming. So now you know a bit about me:D

I have blogged before and learnt a lot from past mistakes. I made this blog with a goal in mind. I'm going to try my level best to give out a fact or more every day. Fairly simple I guess. I love learning new things and I'm pretty sure most of you would too. I'm blogging not because I'm bored and I don't have anything worthwhile to do. I'm doing this because I like it and enjoy it.

I read every day and try to find something new about the world I didn't already know. A day which you learnt nothing is a day wasted. So since everyone doesn't have the time to indulge in this, I made this blog to share what I found with the world. 

“Knowledge is best gained when shared”   (I like this quote=)

There are lots of facts out there. I'm just trying to show whatever I can. If you have any suggestions, feedback or anything you want to say send me an email at    nushanhewage@gmail.com or add me on G+ google.com/+NushanHewage

So all in all I hope you will enjoy the facts I post as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.
See you around,
Nushan Hewage


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