Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fact a Day #112

Ahhh... the joy it brings in writing that title. Hopefully I can write more posts in the coming months. Blogging has just become a small part of my life and without blogging I feel as if I'm missing something. So without any further ado lets get down to the facts. What do I have for you today?
How about an old classic day to get started and warmed up

One of the biggest "DAY'S" that's been circulating these last few days has been

"International Women's Day"

There is a lot to be said about this day, possibly more than I can say in one blog post. So I'm just going to link to the sites I think are the most valuable for you to make your own research easier. You know, its good for you to know something about this day. Stop thinking its just another day and start to actually value its cause and try and learn something about its history. It won't harm you one bit. 


Useful Resources on International Women's Day



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